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Just Fruits –  simply tasty, simply healthy 

Founding Just Fruits we made the decision that there was no place for compromise in our company. We will always offer better selection, providing you with indecently tasty and made of the highest quality ecological ingredients products.

Each year with every new member of our family we become more and more confident that our health and health of our relatives is the superior value as we become what we eat.

Food has always been our passion and second nature. As being “foodie” our world has always turned around food. Since children and a group of ecologically freaked friends entered our reality the balance between what is indecently tasty and natural without chemicals has become of significant importance. That is how the decision on creating Just Fruits brand came up.

We started our adventure with Just Fruits  brand in 2016.  We do not have a long history but we have the idea of how to create it.

The values we treasure in our company are also present in our private life. We are not faceless company in a lifeless building, e are not bound by stiff frames of a big corporation.
Everything goes in its own pace here. Well being and happiness of our employees is important to us. Satisfied team means satisfied customers.

 Upon founding Just Fruits we cooperated with nature in order to create something unique.
now we can proudly say we managed to achieve it. Our values: true taste, true choices, promise of a better world, ethical lifestyle – everyone is offered a better choice.

< No sugar added
< Without gluten
< Without gelatine
Without artificial additives >
BIO/Organic >
Jesteśmy bezglutenowi >

FRUTAKI BIO – the only fruit snack, extremely tasty and healthy

Ms Strawberry
Ms Strawberry
Mr Exotic
Mr Exotic

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